It was the most incredible thing.  It cannot be compared to anything else.  I feel so light in my body…


Celia manages to always provide a fantastic environment.  A total healing experience and always leave you feeling complete, with the information to move forward….


Thank you so much for the lovely experience yesterday. I floated on cloud after.  I woke early feeling ready for anything and have been quite productive already so far. Long may it last….


The most amazing experience I have ever had.  I feel I could accomplish anything right now …


Each session is different.  It brings different things each time……


Celia is sensitive, insightful and caring.  Simply the best…

Celia has a way of getting right to the heart of where the struggle is and helping you to unravel it with simplicity and openess..


I feel taller and unburdened.  Celia has a special talent and I felt very safe….


Totally awesome! I feel like a new person.  More whole, more complete.  I never want to breathe my normal breath again.  I feel so joyful….