Always Breathing

‘We pay little or no attention to the importance of proper breathing and how deeply it affects the quality of our lives’


Celia Leslie

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working out of London & Southend

Transformational Breath® is a highly effective breathing technique – truly the cutting edge of breathe work. By Opening up your breathing pattern it brings in more oxygen, which is vital for every physical and chemical process of the body. As well as mental agility, the ability to learn and assimilate information, focus, concentrate and remember.


Transformational Breath®

‘And every change that is going to happen is going to happen through the breath. Breath is the secret to unlocking untold change’


As we seek new avenues to be the best we can be; healthy, happy and prosperous we usually overlook the most important thing we can do for ourselves – BREATHE

✔ more ENERGY

✔ improved digestion

✔ RELAX mind and body

✔ deeper sleep

✔ improved CONCENTRATION and an improved ABILITY to learn

 BETTER relationship with self

✔ CLEAR old repressed emotions

 RELIEVE stress and emotion


STRENGTHENS immune system by expelling toxins

✔ infertility

✔ addictions

✔ asthma and respiratory ailments

✔ FACILITATES recovery

✔ lose phobias

✔ EASE panic attacks

Do you think Transformational Breath® can work for you? Absolutely!

The investment can be as little as 5 minutes breathing a day, using the Transformational Breath®!!